I have been involved with shelties since 1978 having gotten my first as a pet when my son was born.  I was hooked enough to get another two years later and a third, finally show quality dog a year after that.  I started actively showing and breeding in 1982. I am a lifetime member of the CKC. I am also a member in good standing with the CSSA and the SSCBC. Recently I have been involved with the formation of a new Sheltie club, the West Coast Islands Shetland Sheepdog Association or WCISSA here on Vancouver Island. In the past, I served several terms as President and Editor of the SSCBC tri-annual newsletter as well as Director of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island Zone. I have also served as a past Director of the BC/Yukon/NWT for the CSSA. My home has been honored with:

Throughout the years my personal situations have changed and there have been a series of ups and downs but through it all my devotion to producing shelties sound in mind and body has been a priority and a goal towards which I have been working. I breed for myself with view to having a sound dog, both in temperament and in structure for the conformation and performance rings...and occasionally have need for homes in which to place my retirees as well as those pups I have grown out that for some reason aren't suited for the conformation ring.  When that happens, my main goal is a forever home for these loved ones, and anyone inquiring must be prepared to answer the questions I will ask in order to insure that they are a suitable home for a Marpointe dog.

The dogs are part of my family, whelping and raising of the litter happening right off the living room in my computer room, and when the pups are older, they live in a room just off my hallway right across from the master bedroom.  All are well socialized by my numerous grandchildren and friends and leave my home as well adjusted members of their new family.  I don't have many litters, with quality rather than quantity as my main goal and as such, I don't have a lot of pups to offer as pet companions, but those that are can be guaranteed to be healthy and well-bred.

I have enjoyed the full spectrum of colors that Shelties have to offer... Blues (both bi and merles), tricolors, bi-blacks, and sables in all their various shades, and can offer this variety in a sound dog for all to enjoy.

Until recently, all my  dogs were owner/handled to their wins.  Lately, because of health problems and bad knees, I have not shown as much myself, having to resort to handlers occasionally, but whether I showed them or someone else showed them, I am very proud of my little family.  I hope you will enjoy walking through these pages with me.